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For twenty-five years now, our company has been purchasing and processing medical and aromatic plants, wild-growing fruits, seeds, and spices for nutritional and pharmaceutical use.
Herba Commerce JSC is a family-owned company with some fifty employees.
We have implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality-control system and the ISO 22000:2018 food-safety system. Our use of both systems has been certified by TÜV Nord, Germany.

Given the growing demand for natural products, we regularly re-invest our profit.
Our stable position on the international market is based on honest relations with our customers and suppliers.
Our mission is to popularise the medical plants ecologically grown in Bulgaria. Our work is based on scientific studies and on our long-term experience in processing and exporting medical plants.
We pocess some two hundred natural products, selling them in some thirty countries.


We supply some two hundred natural products of certifiable origin, processed in accordance with the GACP requirements. The degree and nature of the processing of medical plants depends on our customers' specifications: the product may be cut to various sizes (TBC, coarse cut, pyramidal cut), ground, sliced, diced, etc. In sum, we offer some eight hundred different items, all of which meet our established quality standards.



We specialise primarily in the drying and processing of medical plants and fruit, for which our employees are exceptionally well trained. Our spacious facilities in the town of Nova Zagora house the following equipment:

  • three processing lines (for fine-cut, course-cut, and pyramidal cut, separated by product group)
  • systems for power production
  • automatic dryer with natural-gas heating (15 tons can be dried in 15 hours)
  • two zig-zag air separators
  • a processing line for manual product-cleaning
  • six baling machines
  • a gravity separator
  • a fumigation camera with PH3 treatment
  • four rubber machines
  • a packing line

We also have storage facilities of about 7000 square meters and shelving space for storing some 1200 tons of dried medical plants and fruit. We collect the medical plants from our supplies with our own transport vehicles: this enables us to maitain full quality control, starting with the very first link of the supply chain.


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